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July-October 1997

OKC PseudoTerrorism

by Ace R. Hayes

The Oklahoma City bombing is constantly referred to as "the worst act of domestic terrorism in U.S. History." This absurdity has been repeated so often that it has become the mantra of the mindless.

Terrorism is defined by U.S. Government experts as "criminal acts and/or threats by individuals or groups designed to achieve political or economic objectives by fear, intimidation, coercion or violence" (Prevention of Terrorism: Security Guide lines for Business and Other Organiza tions , compiled and edited by William C. Cunningham and Philip J. Gross, Hallcrest Press, Vlrginia, 1978, p. 3).

Using this definition, the bombing of the Federal Building in OKC was not--repeat, not --terrorism: No one has claimed credit for the bombing. No one has made any demands on the government to do or not to do anything whatsoever. Therefore, the bombing was not terrorism.

A pile of bodies does not equal "terrorism." Earthquakes can kill a lot of people but are not called terrorism. The secret slaughter of the Branch Davidians by the government was not terrorism either; mass murder, yes, but State murder is not terrorism even if it does terrify people.

When the government conducts a secret operation which is calculated to kill a large number of citizens and place the blame for the crime on anti-government forces or groups--this is pseudo terrorism. Real terrorism can only be conducted by a real anti-government group that wants to coerce the government into changing some policy or program. The Weather Underground was real; the Tupac Amaru of Peru are real.

The long and honored tradition of pseudo terrorism committed by State Secret Services usually includes fabricating a pseudo "anti-government terrorist group" to commit the crimes. This is exactly where Elohim City, Oklahoma, comes in.

The Portland Free Press editor has studied the Secret State for decades and can say that the Oklahoma City crime has all the characteristics of state-planned and -executed propaganda. It is the same as the bogus Viet Cong units that were sent out to rape and murder Vietnamese in order to discredit the National Liberation Front. It is the same as the bogus "finds" of Commie weapons in El Salvador. It is the same as the bogus Symbionese Liberation Army created by the CIA/FBI to discredit the real revolutionaries.

What does PFP expect really happened? The set-up went like this:

  1. McVeigh was sheep dipped out of the Army precisely as was Lee Harvey Oswald: McVeigh became a covert asset of one or more U.S. Government agencies. He was spying on the so-called patriot movement. He is sall a good soldier for the U.S. Govermnent and has been offered some major inducement in return for keeping the lid on the cover-up.

  2. Elohim City has been consistently ignored by the corporate media, while the alternative media has been flacking it as a nest of neo-Nazis and the home of the Aryan Republican Army. These were supposed to be McVeigh's co-conspirators. In fact, they were 50 percent nut cases and 50 percent agents from the usual set of U.S. Government agencies and NGO's (non-government organizations). The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) admits to one in formant, Carol Howe. The CIA had at least one, Andreas Strassmeir, a German national. It is not yetknown who the FBI, Secret Service, Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, et al., agents might have been. (Since this was originally written, it has come out at the Carol Howe preliminary hearing that the FBI had the leader of Elohim City, Rev. Millar, on its payroll as an informent.) Spook centers like Elohim City, Oklahoma, and Hayden Lake, Idaho, are kept on line as a plausibly deniable resource for contingencies, much as was done with the Communist Party, U.S.A. and the KKK by Gay Edgar's FBI. (Need a spy scare or human-rights atrocity, just in time for congressional budget review? Fromthe 1919 Red Scare to the '60s, the FBI was there to produce the political theater through bombing and murder.) Hoover played Congress and public opin ion like a master violinist. The same game is still being played, but for far more than bureauaatic budget battles.

  3. The covert and overt wars in the Moslem world during the past two decades have resulted in the importation of a significant number of combat-hardened hit men much as the Nazis were imported after World War II and members of the Cuban Mafia were after the Bay of Pigs --and for equally anti-democratic pur poses. These Middle Eastern/Afghan vets are the new edition of the Cuban covert cowboys. The gusanos (worms) from the Bay of Pigs, through Watergate to Raygun/Bush's drug Contras , are running out of time: E. Howard Hunt is now pushing 80 and his Cuban gusanos are getting long in the tooth, if not dying of old age. Therefore, the secret state needs a new crew of trained killers who will work on a need-to-know basis. So here is the best-fit scenario of what took place--it's right out of Shackley's Third Option and Executive Order #12333 (see our May/June '97 issue, p. 8, for more details).

McVeigh was reporting on what he thought was a bombing plot, which would be stopped. The "plotters" were being run as a cut-out cover by a separate U.S. Government cell. The real bombers were the third component of the compartmen talized need-to-know psyop. The mili- tary leg placed the shaped charges on the building pillars with a zero-time-delay detonator. The Iraqi/Afghani team parked the truck with the 2,000-pound C4 bomb. The day the bomb went off, this reporter called a friend who had been a Navy SEAL with an MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) of demolitions. The TV was running saturation coverage and I asked him what the bomb was.

He said, with out hesitation, "C-4, 2,000 pounds, shaped charge--works good!" He went into considerable detail on why he had reached this conclusion and pointed out that only the military could have put that much C4 together for such an operation. Subsequent investigations by qualified explosive experts have consistently debunked the ammonium-nitrate farm-fertilizer story. The story itself is farm fertilizer (General Benton K. Partin; Elgin Air Force Base; FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency]). (See also "The American Reichstag--Propagands of the Deed," May/June '95 issue, p. 5.) Psychological operations of this level never happen without a multi-layered damage-control system pre-positioned in case some off-the-reservation hard-nosed reporter asks questions, or just to cover the prospect of a "Major Murphy." (Murphy's Law: "If anything can go wrong--it will"; a "Major Murphy" is when something goes badly wrong, and the public becomes acutely conscious of this fact.)

This is where Elohim City comes in. So far, the corporate media have gone along perfectly with the big lie, repeat ing the party line ad nauseum: The quasi aitical loyal opposition has spent virlually all of its time piously repeating the orthodox party line about McVeigh's guilt, the farm fertilizer bomb and the wages of hate, while devoting some small part of their effort to the second-level damage-control operation at Elohim City. What all the alleged reporters and so called clitics consistently miss is the mili tary-dressed leg that was discovered and then quickly dropped from all discussions relating to any possible involvement in the explosions, and the all-points bulletin for the Middle Eastem suspects, which was canceled after mere days. Those were the real bombers and were CIA/Pentagon controlled, supplied and activated.

Each of the elements of this compartmentalized covert operation was on a need-to know basis, including the Army sap who placed the shaped C4 charges on the building pillars. He was not advised that he had a zero-time-delay detonator and was going to be vaporized when he set it off. (Too bad he was not as cynical as Francis Gary Powers, who did not pull the destruct ring in his U-2 Mayday in 1960: Powers sus pected that the CIA had it hooked to a zero delay fuse--so he bailed out without pull ing the destruct ring. He then had a fatal helicopter crash the week before he was supposed to testify before the House Assassination Committee in 1976; George DeMohrenschildt, Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancana also were killed just prior to scheduled testimony before that same committee. But I digress.)

The Army leg was on a protected side of the column when the zero-ame-delay detonator was activated. This should have been a Major Murphy, but has been ignored as totally as the crime scene was leveled and buried to preclude any independent forensic analysis.

The Middle Eastern-guys-in-the brown-pick-up-truck APB was canceled faster than Joe Doe #2. This has been allowed to fade from our attention, be cause the major and minor media have big-time gutless amnesia.

The cover-up is total and even the "critics" can't get past the Elohim City level of the damage-control operation. The sad fact is that most media are about as sophisticated and cynical as a Cocker Spaniel. The flip side of the same coin is the hysterically credulous media that have never met a bogus fantasy that they would not ask home to dinner.

The fundamental reality in America is called "the strategy of tension." It has been employed by every fascist police state in the 20th Century. The brain-dead American who arrogantly and ignorantly presumes that this reality omy applies to other countries is going to have to learn the hard way that the U.S. Government is just like China, the U.S.S.R., the 3rd Reich, fascist Italy and the host of third rate kleptocracies installed by CIA and global plutocrats in the past half century.

From the Haymarket bombing of Chicago police a century ago to Oklahoma City today, the pseudo terrorism of state agents is as common as spring rains. The people suck it up and then wonder why they keep getang a moose-turd sandwich with no bread from the corporate state.

Sorry folks--the PFP has zero sympathy for the brain-dead.

If you don't want a fascist police state then open your eyes and recognize that America is no more God's chosen Imperial power than Haiti, Israel or what used to be Zaire. Grow up and stop believing the party line of Pax Americana or the anti-sanity canards of the current crop of government-sanctioned P.T. Barnums-- UFO's anyone?

See Ken Armstrong for more information...


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