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Singapore Word Problems

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Many agree that Singapore really shines when it comes to word (story) problems. Sarah CB of the Well-Trained Mind boards collected these examples of word problems from Saxon 5/4 and Singapore 4A/4B. She tried to present problems which addressed similar math concepts. Thank you Sarah for letting me post them here.

These word problems are from the new edition of Saxon Homeschool 5/4 and the 3rd edition of Singapore 4A/4B.

Saxon 5/4 Singapore 4A & 4B
Jamaal bought apples at 5 cents per pound. He spent 95 cents. How many pounds did Jamaal buy? A metre of ribbon cost $4. Mary bought two pieces of ribbon each of length 3 m 50 cm. How much did she pay for the 2 pieces of ribbon?

Pamela listened to half of a 90-minute tape. How many minutes of the tape did she hear?

Mingli works 8h 30 min everyday in a factory. She is paid $5 each hour.
a) How many hours does she work for six days?
b) How much does she earn for six days?

Laura placed 243 paint cans on the shelf. Ninety-five of the cans fell during the earthquake. How many paint cans stayed on the shelf?

Mary had 1240 picture cards. She kept 80 cards for herself and gave the rest to a group of children. Each child received 8 cards. How many children were there in the group?

This table compares word problems from Saxon Algebra 1 (typically 8th or 9th grade) with Singapore 6B (typically beginning of 7th grade).

Saxon Algebra 1 Singapore 6B
Gertrude cut a 76 meter rope into two pieces. The long piece was 12 meters longer than the short piece. How long was each piece? The total length of three riboons, A, B, and C is 2.6m. Ribbon A is 60cm longer than Ribbon B. Ribbon C is 50 cm longer than Ribbon B. Find the length of Ribbon A.

Ben and Christy hide 600 raisins. This is 60% more than they hid last month. How many raisins did they hide last month?

A club had 600 members. 60% of them were males. When another 200 new members joined the club, the percentage of members who were males was reduced to 50%. How many of the new members were males?

The freight train headed north at 9am at 40 miles per hour. Two hours later the express train headed north at 60 miles per hour. What time was it when the express was 20 miles farther from town than the freight?

At 12:00 noon, Henry left Town P and cycled towards Town Q at 15 km/h. At 12:10pm, Pual left Town Q and cycled towards Town P at 12 km/h along the same road. If they meet each other at 12:30pm, find the distance between the two towns.

This table compares ratio word problems from Saxon Algebra 1/2 (typical grade?) with Singapore 6B (typically beginning of 7th grade).

Saxon Algebra 1/2 Singapore 6B
The ratio of the number of birds to the number of beasts is 3 to 7. How many beasts were there when the birds numbered 750? The ratio of the number of John's stamps to the number of Peter's stamps is 5:8. Peter has 18 more stamps than John. If Peter gives 22 stamps to John, what will be the new ratio of the number of John's stamps to Peter's?

The ratio of the number of smilers to the number of frowners was 13 to 2. When 52 students were smiling, how many were frowning?

The ratio of men to the number of women in a factory is 3:8. There are 120 more women than men. If the number of men increases by 3 and the number of women decreases by 12, what will be the new ratio of the number of men to the number of women?

The ratio of detritus to valuables was 2 to 9. If 80 pounds of detritus lay about, how many pounds of valuables were there?


Finally compare Abeka Pre-Algebra (typical grade?) with Singapore 6B (typically beginning of 7th grade).

Abeka Pre-Algebra Singapore 6B
George Biddle bought a new van that cost $21,450. He made a 20% down payment. How much was his down payment? A shopkeeper had 4 handbags which were of the same cost price. He sold three of them at 40% more than cost price. He sold the fourth handbag at cost price. He received $260 altogether. Find the cost price of each handbag.

The science club recently earned $523.50 in a candy sale. From the money, 75% is to be used for a field trip. How much of the money is for a field trip? Find the answer to the nearest whole cent.

Hassan gave 60% of a sum of money to his wife and 25% of the remainder to his mother. He still had $240 left. How much was the sum of money?

In the past, 85% of the student's taking Mr. Kressy's algebra class made a B or higher. If Mr. Kressy has 40 students this year, how many students will make a B or higher if this trend continues?

There are 5% more boys than girls at an art club. If there are 2 more boys than girls, how many children are there altogether?

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