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# US Date Summary of Events
1 4/24/2006 Lety & Alicia interview for job. Characters introduced. Fern doesn't want Alicia as Marcia's spy.
2 4/25/2006 Second interview. Fernando hires Lety. Better yet, he defends her.
3 4/26/2006 1st day of work. Fern asserts her position over Alicia. Marcia's spy plot failed. Lety on stage.
4 4/27/2006 Fernando’s calendar; Karla Lagunes. Lety proves her worth.
5 4/28/2006 Great! "Usted es la mujer que yo necesito" & other foreshadows.
6 5/1/2006 Marcia reattracts Fernando. Who would I marry? Lety & Tomy, Fernando & Omar, Marcia & MamaT.
7 5/2/2006 Alicia claims Lety's work at board meeting. Feas gossip: Fernando’s prior scty.
8 5/3/2006 Ariel finds error in projections; Fernando challenges Alicia w/ new report.
9 5/4/2006 Nature of marriage per Fernando & Omar. Omar & Alicia one-nighter. Lety all-nighter on business plan.
10 5/5/2006 Business plan CD is lost, Fernando is freaked, fires Lety.
11 5/8/2006 Great! They get CD. He forgets fired her. Great work. Truth re:Alicia. Fernando realizes Lety's value; he's being sweet.
12 5/9/2006 Good cap! Meeting about business plan errors. Lety steamrolls Ariel & Olarte. Juana tells future. Olarte humiliated.
13 5/10/2006 Alicia dates Ariel. Lety dates Paula's friend. Dance floor dream.
14 5/11/2006 $3M loan. Bathtub. 4 faces. Lety gives up on love, increases finance duties. Many pers. moments.
15 5/12/2006 Equestrian. Lety is assistant. Omar starts "ugly" comments.
16 5/15/2006 Alicia vs cuartel, call in Lopez. Fernando wields power. He's warming up; asks Lety to cook books.
17 5/16/2006 Cooking the books. Olarte + Alicia try to snatch.
18 5/17/2006 Team Ariel breaks & captures Lety's computer & password.
19 5/18/2006 Systems engineer has Lety's computer so meeting is stalled.
20 5/19/2006 Computer fixed, Olarte & engineer fired, Ariel & Alicia escape but Fernando knows. Propose VP Lety.
21 5/22/2006 Ariel starts to extort Alicia. Omar gets nastier in burlas; Fernando objects. Cost cuts: go to video?
22 5/23/2006 CineRent cocktail with Magalay. Fernando drops Lety at home, asks will it work? She promises.
23 5/24/2006 Lety signature rights & in charge when the executives are in LA. Cine-Rent offers Lety bribe.
24 5/25/2006 Lety considers bribe. Sex x3: Marcia + Fernando tired, Ariel +Alicia asault, Omar + Paula one-nighter.
25 5/26/2006 Fernando considers shadow company. Ariel gathers bribe evidence.
26 5/29/2006 GREAT! Bribe hits the fan. The Lety I know.. Fernando puppy eyes. Pop leads, Ariel foiled, Fernando admires, Omar informs, Lety gets raise.
27 5/30/2006 GREAT! Golden Age! Fernando gives Lety shadow company. Carolina. Keep bat cave. Lety ascends class. Hire Tomás. Olarte & Ariel.
28 5/31/2006 FI (Filmo Imagen) set up. Benny show starts to unravel. One company ascends; the other descends.
29 6/1/2006 Benny disaster. Luigi quits twice. Fernando refuses to apologize.
30 6/2/2006 Fernando has to bend pride to win Luigi back. 3 bars: Fernando in gay bar, Tom, cuartel.
31 6/5/2006 Weak. Executives go to LA. Lety's in charge.
32 6/6/2006 No one respects Steward Lety. Fernando & Omar return, ask Lety to embargo Conceptos.
33 6/7/2006 Paula entraps Omar. By pressure, Fernando gets Lety to sign blank embargo request.
34 6/8/2006 Lety trapped while Fernando entertains Fatima. Lety: "I could be." Lopez's "date" w/ Paula.
35 6/9/2006 Fernando feels guilt & apologizes! He ponders marriage & Lety's loyalty. Saimon scolds PM. Embargo.
36 6/12/2006 Jasmin hired. Fernando no niega love for Lety; touched by her total support, in contrast to Marcia. Will Lety embargo or refuse to help me?
37 6/13/2006 Lety & Tom argue FI risk. Fernando & Marcia are strained. First suspicions: Tomás works for FI.
38 6/14/2006 Ariel demands rpts fm Lety. Alicia's dress, BL contract, caracels: dream will come true amid tempest.
39 6/15/2006 Weak except first scenes: happy dance re: Bella Life contract. Panama plans.
40 6/16/2006 Efren blither. Marcia counsels Lola from experience.
41 6/19/2006 Fernando in drag. Marcia's had enough of Alicia.
42 6/20/2006 GREAT! Fernando out of drag w/ Lety's help. Funny moments, touching moments, a big dream.
43 6/21/2006 Panama (NY), Saimon damages Fernando’s car.
44 6/22/2006 Lety catches Alicia spying. Blither until Marcia's office: Alicia loses 2 patrons, web of intrigue Lety, Fernando, Marcia, Alicia, Omar.
45 6/23/2006 Fernando + Omar fight, contraband, valerian, embargo, Luigi imitates Fernando, Robopop. Several laughs.
46 6/26/2006 Register embargo (15 days) Alicia's "pregnancy", Fernando + Robopop talk about Lety.
47 6/27/2006 Deeper reactions to pregnancy. Fernando determined to hold presidency from Ariel at any cost. Fernando flirts with Lety a little.
48 6/28/2006 Very good! Fernando + Omar beg Caro back dramatically. Lety re: cosmetic surgery. Lety w/polite banker. Omar: you seem married; Fernando smiles then laughs.
49 6/29/2006 Weak. Clarivoyant niece & Saimon. Caro starts. FI lawyers.
50 6/30/2006 FI lawyers. Ali at gym. Strain is getting to Fernando. Lety comforts; dreams at end. Change on horizon.
51 7/3/2006 Tango dream. Fernando asks Lety to cook the books, sees he can't reach goals. Banker doubts him.
52 7/4/2006 FUNNY! Stand normal; call-backs; Nessman office, Pop's tea. Little man inventories company. Omar & Ariel imagine sons. Final steps of embargo.
53 7/5/2006 Action! Embargo & suspicions start simultaeously. Omar plants doubts about Tomás. Stalker Fatima.
54 7/6/2006 Meaty! Marcia wants Lety's head. Novio Tomás? Marta tells Fernando Juana's prophesy.
55 7/7/2006 Bella Life Event (BLE). 'If Tom wins, goodbye Conceptos!' Omar proposes Fernando woo Lety. Alicia pregnancy results negative.
56 7/10/2006 BLE. Fatima dismissed. Who will pay for Alicia's baby? Cuartel tries to enter.
57 7/11/2006 BLE. Fernando admits cuartel, who confronts Alicia. Ali confesses to Omar & Ariel not pregnant.
58 7/12/2006 BLE. Fernando hears Tomás is novio & gerente. Omar says Fernando has to enamorarla. Fernando’s nightmare: marries Lety.
59 7/14/2006 Fernando grabs at excuses. Omar shows why task is Fernando’s, not his. Alicia beats Ariel w/ ltr.
60 7/17/2006 Fernando fears Tomás' influence more, but can't bring himself to deceive Lety like that. Caracols, dream come true.
61 7/18/2006 First kiss, at bar. I feel like I betrayed an angel. Lety's fear: he'll regret, I have to go, but he needs me.
62 7/19/2006 Fernando's shame for unnecessary canallada. No payroll. Daydream Marcia voices Lety's guilt.
63 7/20/2006 Love note in the pizza; Fernando asks to take Lety home. Juana resigns the cuartel over phone frakas.
64 7/21/2006 Kiss at kiddie park. Beefy talk. He starts to comprehend her goodness.
65 7/24/2006 Fernando + Omar rehash date, he sees Omar is swine. Cards, rumors of Lety's novio. Lety takes shield bearer position. No payroll.
66 7/25/2006 Omar's cards and gifts; plan next date. Lety & Ariel scrap.
67 7/26/2006 Idea Stock & Megatron. Lety just wants him undisturbed when they're out. He sings w/o inhibitions.
68 7/27/2006 Megatron. Pop counsels, evening w/ engaged man. Diary. Marta's word "amante" disturbs Lety.
69 7/28/2006 Marcia obsessed to find mistress. Poem. Lety jealous: imagines 3rd woman, empathy for Marcia. Breaks up; can't be la otra.
70 7/31/2006 Lety scolds Tom for cellphone, Fernando assumes it’s jealousy. Omar lists why Tom has better chance. Fernando hates the game he's trapped in. Insists on date to fix things up, Lety refuses.
71 8/1/2006 Fernando pursues Lety to house to beg her back. Fernando vs thugs vs Robopop. She accepts him back. Marcia sees he's changing.
72 8/2/2006 Lety will change her look. Paula fired. Great scene: Fernando assigns Alicia to Reception.
73 8/3/2006 Marcia counsels Paula Maria. Fernando cringes at Marcia's touch. The awful new "luke.".
74 8/4/2006 Fernando upset that all laugh at Lety. Omar pushes intimacy, PM pushes Lety. Who is amante? Marcia!
75 8/7/2006 Tom talks to Ali. Marcia finds Paty foto. Fernando stops Ariel from insulting Lety, with compassion se quita Lety's look.
76 8/8/2006 Jazmine blither. Ali's car. Lety warns Tom re Ali. Lety senses something amiss in the relationship. Date: Lety mauls Fernando.
77 8/9/2006 Hippy Ed visits, prophesies Fernando’s current situation precisely. Sees Lety's brilliance. Lety's santo.
78 8/10/2006 Tom & Ali talk again. Ed tries to counsel Fernando. Fernando makes date for Lety's birthday. He's stuck.
79 8/11/2006 Ed treats cuartel for Lety’s santo. Fern: I don't want her to suffer for me; she will. Ed: you're unhappy with Marcia. Lety is the perfect woman to love.
80 8/14/2006 Ed discovers truth. Fernando squirms. Ed & Omar fight over Fernando. Ed discribes perfect love. If you stay with Marcia you'll miss the chance.
81 8/15/2006 Fernando wonders if love is possible. Birthday prep. Ed leaves, Fernando & Lety cry, Marcia thrilled.
82 8/16/2006 Weak. Birthday party prep & starts. Marcia follows Fernando, driven to find mistress.
83 8/17/2006 Omar & Fernando in bar, then Fernando to party at Lety's house.
84 8/18/2006 Endless blither party. Pop bores Fernando. Tom's serenade. Crowd leaves, Lety & Fernando leave.
85 8/21/2006 Marcia, Ali, Roman & cops. Fernando & Lety go dancing, then arrive at the hotel.
86 8/22/2006 First time together. Lety must not suffer. Everything changes in an instant. Marcia cold shouldered.
87 8/23/2006 Profound rehash Fernando/Omar. Lety/Paula. Marcia/Alicia: His amante is taking him. Cook books.
88 8/24/2006 Alicia: maybe Lety is mistress. Marcia: he's more likely gay! Cuartel concludes hay amante. Marta binge.
89 8/25/2006 Alicia flirts, Lety scolds Tom, Fernando hears. Lety tormented by wedding. Marcia: we'll see! Who will Fernando sacrifice?
90 8/28/2006 If Fernando dumps Marcia, Ariel will split company. Don't worry, Lety, I'll cancel wedding after meeting.
91 8/29/2006 Marcia tells Fernando to quit his mistress. She concludes la otra is Paty Manterola.
92 8/30/2006 Paty Manterola visits Conceptos. Fernando drops everything to pay attention to her.
93 8/31/2006 Omar explains Lety's reaction to Fernando. He tries to apologize. Germany calls. Cute scene with Caro.
94 9/1/2006 Lety refuses ride home. Wax museum. Fern begs her to go talk. Camil-Garza cameo.
95 9/4/2006 Omar's apt, second time together. Lety: I love you too much. I'm afraid I will suffer.
96 9/5/2006 Lety tells Fernando about her past. Marcia pulls out all stops trying to seduce Fernando, but fails.
97 9/6/2006 Omar doesn't get it. Marcia knows she's losing; desperate. Fernando won't travel so Marcia cancels wedding.
98 9/7/2006 Ricky and Cristina announce Cannes. Omar will prepare cards for Germany.
99 9/8/2006 Omar writes a letter. Fernando writes for himself and worries. My dinner with Marcia. Hamlet soliloquy.
100 9/11/2006 Fernando punches out Roman, juxtaposed: Pandora's red bag. Kids raid detalles and discard bag.
101 9/12/2006 Super Fernando. Euphoria interrupted: MamaT asks Lety to buy house for a wedding gift.
102 9/13/2006 Filler. House hunting, search for bag. Alicia must sell jewelry for her car.
103 9/14/2006 Filler. House hunting, Fernando tries to get the red bag from Alicia.
104 9/15/2006 Filler. House hunting, Fernando has red bag. He just wants Lety. MamaJ says she's with Tomas.
105 9/18/2006 Fern wants to be next to her. Cuartel will do underwear shoot.
106 9/19/2006 Fern says she lies so Lety leaves him in traffic. Chase through city, movie shoot, Lety scares thugs.
107 9/20/2006 Filler. Model selection blither.
108 9/21/2006 Ali wants to model. Instead, Pilar who insists Fernando is Pavel. He invites Lety to his house.
109 9/22/2006 Set up three plot points: commercial, Pilar's obsession, date at Fern's house.
110 9/25/2006 Grocery store & his house. Forget the world. They cook together. Very domestic, very loving.
111 9/26/2006 Great! Fernando's house: No sex, deep love.
112 9/27/2006 Rehash date, Lety to diary, Fernando to Omar. The longest day: Horse commercial.
113 9/28/2006 Filler. Pilar refuses then arrives. Ali & Tom sneak in. Sara pursues guard.
114 9/29/2006 Filler. Problems with Pilar and underwear being red.
115 10/2/2006 Filler. They shoot without Pilar, so she cooperates. Fernando: What'll I do? I'm afraid I'll hurt you.
116 10/3/2006 Fernando & Pop on bridge: protect Lety from men. Fernando plays Pavel to charm Pilar to ride.
117 10/4/2006 Lety defies Pop. Shoot. Simon & Sara rescue Fern from Pilar. Lety wonders if he lies to her too.
118 10/5/2006 A golden age. Commercial finished. Pop tells her to quit. Fernando moons over their photo.
119 10/6/2006 Fernando closes office two days to hide Germany trip. Lety's afraid to fly. Changing relationship w/Pop.
120 10/9/2006 Germany. They lose contract, so they try to get World Cup tickets. Meet Derbez & O. Chaparro.
121 10/10/2006 Lety gets lost, Fernando is worried sick. He finds her in train station, he's as relieved as she is.
122 10/11/2006 Mexico. Clip screening is success. Lety edits house DVD. Fantasy: he tells cuartel they're in love.
123 10/12/2006 Fernando sees dvd; it says Lety will marry Tomas. He refuses to talk, so she goes out with cuartel.
124 10/13/2006 Mostly filler. Fernando demands edited DVD fm Simon. Girls arrive at beefcake show (SPM).
125 10/16/2006 Filler & fan service. Solo Para Mujeres show. Fernando breaks in and whisks Lety away.
126 10/17/2006 Fern: You're marrying Tomas for revenge! Lety: You don't know me. House was wedding gift. Fern: I'll break engagement as soon as Marcia returns.
127 10/18/2006 Fernando: Escape with me! Drunk pop gives permission. Arrive in Cuernavaca for the weekend.
128 10/19/2006 Honeymoon-preview day. They enjoy resort activities. Revealing dialog. Marcia interrogates Omar.
129 10/20/2006 Honeymoon-preview night, they share the same dream. At home Fern decides to not break engagement and summons his own doom.
130 10/23/2006 Lety reads letter. Jorge F counsels before; Christina after. Your problem: you believe you're fea.
131 10/24/2006 Coping Mechanism 1 (CM1), denial, fails. Lety shreds vulture Ali. Caro cares for Lety, gets clues. Moty arrives.
132 10/25/2006 CM2: escape, is impossible. Caro counsels, you should tell Fernando. Lety tells Tomas.
133 10/26/2006 Lety gets Moty. Tomás says crush him, take his company. Lety recalls the pains of her childhood.
134 10/27/2006 Lety fills trash bag. Alicia's car repo'd. Lety trades hot anger for cold rock. Fantasy's a joke 2.punch Fern
135 10/30/2006 Tonight, tonight. Each has diff expectations. Lety hatches jealousy plot. Fern tries to call her back
136 10/31/2006 Significant chat. Yuri event: Fern flirts w/bellas, lets Lui insult her, Yuri observes he loves Lety.
137 11/1/2006 Event. Begin vengence by jealousy. L: I'm leaving with Tom. Fern orders her to stay, she refuses.
138 11/3/2006 Transitions. Alicia meets Tomás meets Fernando. Lety leaves w/Tomás and torments Fernando. Marcia returns.
139 11/6/2006 Lety buys a car. Fernando's triple whammy: Jealousy, Lety doesn't care, attacks more flagrant. He requests balance.
140 11/7/2006 Lety refuses his protection and ride home. He sees Lety leave with Tomás in cardazo. Marcia derails Fernando's attempts.
141 11/8/2006 JFlores cousels Fernando, release co and find love. Diary: he'll suffer for fear I'll take his co, I won't. Fernando's nightmare: Lety kissing Tomás.
142 11/9/2006 Lety creams Fernando re:car. Why do you reject me? Lety creams Ariel. Omar: She's justified. How could you lose her?
143 11/10/2006 Cuartel to Le Noir, Fernando knows it's to torment him. Ariel wants his capital from the co.
144 11/13/2006 Either she found the letter & will smash us, or Tomás controls her and they'll rob us. Fernando tells Omar, I haven't been w/ anyone since Lety.
145 11/14/2006 Fernando orders Lety to go out. Lety insists Meson. At restaurant he acts like she doesn't exist. JFlores counsels him.
146 11/15/2006 Intense!! Date at Mesón, Fern tries bribes. Appeals to her love but disbelieves she loves him. Refuses a kiss inside, but outside, "I'd give my whole life to kiss you."
147 11/16/2006 Lety rejects his desire. He concludes co. comes first. Lety: my body can't resist him, I must get away.
148 11/17/2006 POWERFUL! Bartar balance por boda. That kiss; does it mean we'll continue our relationship?
149 11/20/2006 Fern doesn't want to marry Marcia. Cuartel: Tomas dated Ali. Ariel wants to cash out. Win Cannes.
150 11/21/2006 Lety chooses weapon: jealousy. Loudly arranges date with Tomas. Fern reasserts, co comes first.
151 11/22/2006 Lety takes Tomas to Noir. Fern gets furious seeing them carińosos. Lety & Tomas make up.
152 11/23/2006 Leave Noir. Beefy talk with Tomás. Tom goes to Alicia's. Fern halts Lety. I haven't touched anyone since I was with you.
153 11/24/2006 I don't want to marry Marcia. Powerful! Omar paints him clearly. If Lety said yes, could you with her?
154 11/27/2006 Card: I must cancel wedding & be with you. Is balance done? Lety breaks down, begs Tom to rescue her.
155 11/28/2006 Irma faints. Drunk Fern is imploding, forces kiss, Caro sees. Omar: face the truth! Lety: game over!
156 11/29/2006 Fernando & Tomás fight. Keep the money; leave me Lety. Lety slaps Fernando in front of the cuartel.
157 11/30/2006 Alicia's apartment. Tomás's wounds, no checkbook. Fernando deeply apologizes to Lety. Card: you're unmoved, I'm a mess.
158 12/1/2006 Irma's husband. Marcia reams out Lety. Fight was the last straw. She's turns much colder to Fern.
159 12/4/2006 Intense! Lety to Caro: take me away. Ariel: Lety owns FI. She covers. Marcia ridicules Fern, offers to cancel wedding.
160 12/5/2006 Fernando's last plea for love & balance. If you ever felt for me. I need you. Lety: I love you. Lety decides to make false balance.
161 12/6/2006 Cannes event. Marcia hears call to amante. Ariel hears gossip; Conceptos is in hock. Ha'ash concert.
162 12/7/2006 Lety gives balance. Please hold me. It feels like goodbye. Do you love me? Fernando, you're in love.
163 12/8/2006 Tomy scores and runs. Lety's nightmare. Marcia's call: will you cancel? Fern to self: I'll NEVER marry her.
164 12/11/2006 Olarte tells Ariel Conceptos is embargoed by FI. Fernando to Omar: I won't marry Marcia. I love Lety. Omar derails him again. Lety hears it.
165 12/12/2006 Lety hears plan to send her away. Fernando opens his folder and his world changes forever.
166 12/13/2006 The board meeting. The end of the world as we know it.
167 12/14/2006 Marcia demands the trash bag; reads the letter. Fer forced to resign. MamaT: At least he doesn't love her.
168 12/15/2006 Lety to Acapulco. Marcia says Lety betrayed him to her & board. Fer driven to explain to Lety.
169 12/18/2006 Lety wants to run home. Lety loves the sea and pours out her troubles while Aldo watches.
170 12/19/2006 Fern bawls. Marcia tells Ali it's Lety. Ali thinks Fer's in love. Marcia chooses reconquista. Solo Dios sabe.
171 12/20/2006 Aldo saves Lety from drowning. Ali & Luigi snub Fernando; Saimon honors him. Aldo's pop philosophy.
172 12/21/2006 Lety & Aldo charm each other. Marcia asks if Lety romance was only for Conceptos. He doesn't answer.
173 12/22/2006 Fer begs Julieta for Lety to call him. Lety assigns Tom to the meeting. Caro realizes Aldo likes Lety.
174 12/25/2006 Dinner on a yacht. Fer tells Marcia he loves Lety. Lety tells Caro her story. Pop philosophy & PT.
175 12/26/2006 Tom won't tell board where Lety is. Lawyers say papers are inadequate. Marcia accuses. Ariel threatens.
    There is a one-digit error in the episode numbers from #176 to the end. Actual #176 is labeled 177 on the disk. #177 is labeled 178, etc.
176 12/27/2006 Rafael dies. Fer begs Tom; wants to see Lety. Tom tells Julieta about FI. Fern slams Omar for insult.
177 12/28/2006 Makeover refused. MamaT says get him back. MamaJ realizes Lety loves Fern. Aldo likes Lety, with hurts.
178 12/29/2006 Beach fiesta. False date. Marcia tortures Fer and pitches herself. Aldo says Fer's a bum and speaks of love.
179 1/1/2007 The scream. Fer drinks to oblivion & taxi ride. Lety sets limit. Aldo's story. Camil Sr. Aldo kiss dream.
180 1/2/2007 Scuba diving. Plastic cup. Board thrashes Fernando and Humberto is merciless.
181 1/5/2007 Teresita consoles Fern but says go back to Marcia! She & Omar repeat the Taunt. Fern stands fast. Tom tells Sanchez to reverse embargo.
182 1/5/2007 Aldo calls his dad. JFlores warns Fern he wants to destroy himself. Lety concludes she has recovered.
183 1/8/2007 Tom tell Fernando Lety now owns Co. Fern drinks hard but holds faith in Lety. Goes to find exorcism.
184 1/9/2007 Fernando attempts suicide by brutes; Aldo reconciles with dad, Mama reads diary
185 1/10/2007 Lotsa' tears. Lety's 2 kisses for Aldo, for Fern. Marcia rescues Fern & takes him home. Aldo's letter.
186 1/11/2007 Fern doesn't pack. Julieta tells off Fern. Lawyers: reverse judgement, press charges.
187 1/12/2007 BBQ, Aldo lists Lety's strengths, tells Caro he's in love. Fern considers returning to Marcia. Ay caray!
188 1/15/2007 Pageant. Fern gives up. I lost Lety forever because I was stupid. But he doesn't drink
189 1/16/2007 Aldo asks Lety to stay. PG. Fern takes Marcia back por despair. Fern yells at Pop, says Lety stole co.
190 1/17/2007 Erasmo speaks to Humberto, pop to pop. Marcia is running scared. Fern hears Lety returns today.
191 1/18/2007 Lety returns home, regrets her sins. Lawyer says embargo must remain. Board throws tantrums.
192 1/19/2007 The new Lety at home; board accepts they have to beg her back. Marcia's fears, Fern says Lety hates him.
193 1/22/2007 Humberto begs Lety to meet him. Board knows they were cruel and now they need her.
194 1/23/2007 Humberto begs Lety to stay and continue the embargo. Aldo tells Caro he's crazy about Lety.
195 1/24/2007 Lety meets board; Fern returns from the dead. Lety must be president. Humberto pitches her.
196 1/25/2007 Humberto convinces Lety pres & Marcia stay. Lety tells board her conditions. Lety meets Aldo.
197 1/26/2007 Erasmo hired. Fern resigns. Salary & office. Ali & Luigi react.
198 1/29/2007 Confrontations: Lety olive branch to Marcia. Luigi hires Jaz. Marcia beso presumo. Luigi flirts w/Aldo. Lety & Fern across a crowded room.
199 1/30/2007 4 bars: Sanctuary, Luigi/Aldo/Caro, MamaT/Ali/Marcia, Fern & Saimon. Witches know Fern loves Lety, must guard secret.
200 1/31/2007 Sanctuary. I love you, Lety, with all my soul. L: I forgive you, now stay away. Dysfunctional Marcia.
201 2/1/2007 The judge allows 3 mo for recovery. SEŃOR Fernando begs for office so he can help. Ali on the bus.
202 2/2/2007 Filler. Aldo starts work at ofc. Lety lets Fern stay. Eager to pay debts so she'll never see him again.
203 2/5/2007 Fern meets Aldo; Aldo greets Lety. Fern's rehash: Lety can't stand to talk to him, but he'll work hard for co.
204 2/6/2007 Lety tells Aldo she stopped thinking about Fern. Lety/Marcia face off. Marcia amargada to Fern in meeting.
205 2/7/2007 Lety proposes Mex food ads to board; establishes presidential style. Fern keeps touching her. Fern client.
206 2/8/2007 Everyone gets assignments. Lety begs Aldo for support. Fern jealous. Tom holds his ground vs Fern.
207 2/9/2007 Aldo probes Fern (Why's he care?). Chair blooper. Jaz hired. Trash bag from Lety to Fern's trash for Marcia's sake.
208 2/12/2007 Lety updates Tomas on her heart condition. Tom tries to make peace with Alicia.
209 2/12/2007 Trash bag discussions: Lety+Tom, Fern+ Omar, Marcia+Alicia. Cuartel reads the letter
210 2/13/2007 Cuartel deciphers the letter. Conch painting: Fern, Aldo, Lety. Ali's & Lety's hopes crushed simultaneously. Trash goes to dumpster
211 2/14/2007 Aldo crowds Lety and investigates Fern's attitude. Marcia hears the cuartel discuss the letter.
212 2/15/2007 Fern finds the cards in the dumpster. Tom gives Alicia stockings.
213 2/16/2007 Trash to ofc. Marcia accuses Lety of telling cuartel. Ariel asks Lety to dinner. Caro warns Aldo where Lety stands.
214 2/19/2007 Tomas defends Ali fm Ariel. Mushy talk. Alicia railroads Aldo into dinner. Fern savors the cards.
215 2/20/2007 Lety rehashes to mom. Fern is getting more annoyed with Marcia. Aldo & Ali dinner; she thinks he proposed
216 2/21/2007 Lety's house, Street Where You Live. Aldo starts his move jogging, loses pearl. Fern smells Lety's office
217 2/22/2007 Fern's a jerk at restaurant assoc mtg. Lety tells the cuartel the truth. Juana remembers predictions.
218 2/23/2007 Weak. Tomas makeover, Tom & Aldo bond. Jealous Fern tries to get Aldo off the project
219 2/26/2007 Gui puts Aldo in charge. Fern throws a tantrum in the meeting. Fern and Marcia will go to NY & London
220 2/27/2007 Fern confronts Aldo; Aldo provokes him. Marcia confronts Caro. Lety is sad Fern's leaving.
221 2/28/2007 Psychic talks to Lety. Fern listens in. Irma worries for him. PG warns of a foreign woman.
222 3/1/2007 Marcia and the Dress. Word passes, Aldo loves Lety, incl Aldo tells Lety. Aldo & Fern fight.
223 3/2/2007 Fight pt 2. Aldo tells Fern his faults. Aldo steps up his pressure on Lety.
224 3/5/2007 Dinner with Ariel. Fern reaches Lety for a moment, No one can love you like I do. Aldo's views.
225 3/6/2007 Lety recalls Fern's pleas. Marcia asks where they stand. Fern leaves for NY. Omar gets homework.
226 3/7/2007 Omar puts Fern photos on Lety's desk. Marcia redirects fury at Lety. They know trip will change Fern.
227 3/8/2007 Fernando in NY, meets Carla, lotsa English. First cracks in Aldo's facade. Fernando prays God keep bellas away.
228 3/9/2007 Carla making moves. Stupid lunch. Tom & Ali lunch. Lety decides to accompany Aldo on business trip.
229 3/12/2007 Day with Carla. Fern freaks re: Lety & Aldo trip, Lety still conflicted. Aldo & Carla brainwash their prey.
230 3/13/2007 Fern is growing up; he suffers in Times Square. In cabin Lety analyzes relationship w/Fern in retrospect. Aldo's high-pressures seduction.
231 3/14/2007 Carla undresses while Fern kneels before Lety's picture. He anylzes his relationship in retrospect. Spy Omar lies so Fern will lose hope.
232 3/15/2007 The gorge. Swapped photos. Aldo & Carla tear down their rivals. Poppies! Fern & Lety snap. Aldo blows his cool. Fern decides to split with Marcia. Alicia is president for a day.
233 3/16/2007 Aldo & Carla determine to fight for their love. Lety & Aldo fight. Carla keeps trying.
234 3/19/2007 Fern's back fm NY. Pretends he doesn't care. Tom buys Alicia's car.
235 3/20/2007 Fern gives Lety the cold shoulder and entertains Carla to make Lety jealous.
236 3/21/2007 Grand tour.Lety wants to show Aldo she's not jealous. Aldo gives his book. Fern sees Lety & Aldo together.
237 3/22/2007 Book meeting: Lety's fantasy, Fern's Trojan horse. Tom gvies Ali a ride. Gift exchange. Fern & Aldo scrap.
238 3/23/2007 Cuartel makeovers. Lety vs Carla. Lety is harsh but jealousy is thawing her a bit. Fern outgrows Omar.
239 3/26/2007 Expo, waylaid books. Fern cheats at chimchampu. Marcia arrives at Conceptos.
240 3/27/2007 Fern starts to shine. He encourages Lety for her speech; Aldo hears it. Fern tells Luigi he loves Lety.
241 3/28/2007 Luigi quits, has cuartel dance, Lety wins by flattery. Marcia rebukes Fern at event. Aldo's running scared.
242 3/29/2007 Meaty! Fern's finest hour: finally splits w/ Marcia; turns down Carla. Lety tells Mama she loves Fern.
243 3/30/2007 Necklace. Gossip. Fern tries to dismiss Aldo. Marcia still hopes. The only one who could change Fernando is...
244 4/2/2007 Fern sends off Carloca. Event profits aren't enough. Cuartel will work to get Lety and Aldo together.
245 4/3/2007 Fernando reads Lety's diary. Aldo asks Lety to live with him in Acapulco.
246 4/4/2007 Fern punches out Omar. Lety agrees to work in Aca. Fern realizes Lety loves him and determines to win
247 4/5/2007 Fern wins with Julieta, but he loses with Lety at the Tizi restaurant. Mama shows Lety the black bag.
248 4/6/2007 Lety quits for failure then repents. Fern quits for Lety's peace. Ali eviction notice. Irma encourages Fern.
249 4/9/2007 MamaT steers Marcia, who tells Lety truth. Lety stops Fern's escape to Rio. Aldo cashes out.
250 4/10/2007 They talk the night through. The proposal at the resort
251 4/11/2007 A day that will live in infamy.
252 4/12/2007 Birth of Aurora. Fern begs Omar back. He fears the results of his sacrifice. Lety's indecisive.
253 4/13/2007 Meaty! Fern talks to Julieta, Aldo talks to Tomas, Omar falls headlong for Aurora, Ali sings.
254 4/16/2007 Omar returns. Ariel takes Lety's chair. Employees' opinions of Aurora.
255 4/17/2007 Aurora the runaway date (earring). Alicia gets fired and evicted.
256 4/18/2007 Meaty. Aldo rescues Concep. from villian's clutches, but who'll rescue the damsel from Aldo? Fernando moves to cave. F v Aldo, Aldo v Lety, L v Marcia, Fernando’s VERY sweet to Lety.
257 4/19/2007 Fernando settles into asst position. Fernando crashes Aldo & Padilla party. PapaH tells Marcia to be sweeter.
258 4/20/2007 Lety weighs galans. Passion vs safe. Lety chooses. Kissy-face. Marcia discards the shrew and takes in Ali.
259 4/23/2007 Weak. Aldo spills the beans because he thinks Fernando knew: "Lety chose me". Marcia kicks out Ali.
260 4/24/2007 Lety confirms her choice to Fern. Omar starts to work on Caro, or vice versa. Ali shmoozes Tom for housing.
261 4/25/2007 Omar's surprise in the park. Fernando grapples with loss. Tomás proposes. Fernando suggests cash-out.
262 4/26/2007 Sweet. Aurora gets Omar to cash out. Marcia supports Fern; Fern supports Lety, both sweetly. Aldo jealous.
263 4/27/2007 Lety stands up to Aldo a bit. Aldo more jealous. Alicia jealous of AnnaLeticia. Prepare big date.
264 4/30/2007 Aurora's revenge. Omar apologizes!!! Alicia accepts proposal. Aldo's becoming a control freak.
265 5/1/2007 Omar's feeling the pain. Alicia meets Tomása. Juli challenges Lety: 3 suitors? 1st Lety/Fernando tease.
266 5/2/2007 Warm! Novios party. Omar's finest hour. Lety doesn't want Fernando to quit hoping! Aurora for Retro.
267 5/3/2007 Weak. Why does Lety refuse to contract Aurora?? Repeat x7. Omar contracts w/ Jacques w/o approval.
268 5/4/2007 Tomás discovers Aurora's secret. Moving day. Fake Aurora; Omar fired.
269 5/7/2007 Good. Omar & Caro kiss. Fernando comes to JR/Aurora prelim meeting. But Lety doesn't!
270 5/8/2007 Bachelor party. Aurora will do ads. Enter Carmina.
271 5/9/2007 Good. Don Diego & Zorro both attend contract meeting w/Jacques. Omar begs to return & his obsession.
272 5/10/2007 Marcia moves in, hombres slumber party antics, Carmina on the move, does Lety have otro?
273 5/11/2007 Commercial shoot. Fernando takes charge, Lety adores. He recovers patron role! runs w/ it. Big tease.
274 5/14/2007 Weak. Brainstorm plot ideas. Watch for Colunga immitation. Lety supports Fernando by helping work late on script. Tomy & Alicia wedding.
275 5/15/2007 Reception. Caro chases Omar. Fernando w/ Lety-what if? Aldo starts marriage pressure. Script. Loan pmt.
276 5/16/2007 Pilot pre-production: script, cast, Fernando vs Luigi. Comidilla. Lety jealous of Carmina; Aldo of Fernando.
277 5/17/2007 Jax insists, Aurora must star in the pilot. Should Lety out Aurora? Fernando’s diary: how far I've changed.
278 5/18/2007 Does Fernando like Aurora? Maybe Lety's jealous? Marcia's supportive, Caro's pining, Carmina's stalking.
279 5/21/2007 Lety's jealousy gives Fernando hope, but she accepts Aldo's proposal and hope turns to despair.
280 5/22/2007 Aurora takes sledge to Omar's thick skull. Aldo & Fernando talk. Fernando draws on photo. Lotsa' other stuff.
281 5/23/2007 Omar & Caro together. Fernando stalks her room. Night of mourning w/mariachis. Engagement dinner.
282 5/24/2007 Filming Corazon Carazon Amor - hot stuff!
283 5/25/2007 The Kiss. And all the ponderings thereafter.
284 5/28/2007 Tom+Lety: should I kill Aur? Omar+Car: he can't admit love. Jacques demands copy.
285 5/29/2007 Fernando obsessed w/Aurora. Lety casi discloses to Fernando. Aldo tantrum is turning point. Leon campaign. Omar gift. Plot accelerates.
286 5/30/2007 Whew! Moon surfaces emotions. Juli told re: Aurora, Juli tells Aldo prefers Fernando, Fernando can love again, and more!
287 5/31/2007 Great! Fernando visits Juli fore & aft discovery that Lety is Aurora. Omar loves but can't say it.
288 6/1/2007 Aldo & Lety strained. Fernando is resigned. Tomy wins one. Omar decides: tell Caro. Aldo goes to PV w/o Lety.
289 6/4/2007 Carmina takes a call. Saimon's promo'n. Caro's electrician. Marcia's admirer. Fernando taunts re: Aurora.
290 6/5/2007 Fernando covertly protects Aurora. Aldo/Carm photo: Lety suffers, Fernando enraged. PM must choose. 3 drunk bachelors.
291 6/6/2007 F+Juli find Aldo+C hugging. Fernando rejects golden opportunity, instead he's heroic.
292 6/7/2007 Paula's Wedding. Lety discovers Fern knows Aurora secret. Omar declares. Efren arrested.
293 6/8/2007 Restaurant with Jacques. Aurora uncovered. Efren's jail scene.
294 6/12/2007 Aldo flees. Tom sees Ali's vulnerable side. Jax publishes scandal. Fern decides to make his move, protects vs Carmina, Pop, Jacques.
295 6/13/2007 The proposal in the office. "No puedo." Luigi's mom miracle. Lety's makeover. Ali cracks Tom's computer.
296 6/15/2007 Fernando goes to Acapulco to convince Aldo to come back, writes in diary. A: not last word yet. Alicia passport rejected, she's pregnant. Aldo returns. Loss of $1M discovered. Octavio visits Marcia.
297 6/19/2007 Wedding dream. Esteban. Fernando tells Lety dreams reflect desires. Fernando strives to sow doubts in Aldo & Lety. Tom discoveres Ali's crimes and accuses her but takes the fall.
298 6/21/2007 Tom flees for Ali's embezzlement. Ali repents, sees what she lost, puts money back. Cycles. Tom leaves Ali.
299 6/23/2007 Finale.
300 6/23/2007 Finale.

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